Sunday, March 3, 2013

Product rave

I am pretty obsessed with my lips. I want them moisturized & soft. In order to achieve that I am constantly testing new lip products &, sadly, I haven't found the perfect one... Don't get me wrong, there are some seriously good contenders, but no holy grail as of yet.

At this point, I need to report that I might have found my PRECIOUS:) The one!
You never know, perhaps in a week my lips will get used to it & I will completely forget how much I liked it. But now, I'm absolutely loving it and can't get enough!



  1. hmmm ja też z rodziny maniaków produktów do ust, nie musisz mi dwa razy powtarzać, zapisuję na listę:}

  2. haha, wiec wiesz dokladnie o czym mowie:-)ty tez pewnie otwierasz torebke i masz w niej pomadke ochronna, co?albo szuflade, a tam balsam do ust:-)
    koniecznie wyprobuj!