Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The gym

Before the wedding, I was super motivated. I had a goal in mind and tried my best to make it happen

Now, it's a bit harder. My Big Day has passed and it's back to reality mode.


I try as I may but I simply cannot go to the gym every day. Not that I did before the wedding.

I just made sure I did it regularly.


These days, I go to my favorite body pump class and try to bike every now and then.

It still is something I really enjoy but it's not as regular as before. Nowewhere close...


Do you ever wonder why certain life events get us going, motivate us, make us push harder and others just simply don't?


I guess I'm on the right track to get back into the sporty mode. I can see how my body's changing and I'm loving it.

also, I'm staying motivated by reading sports blogs and watching youtube channels dedicated to active lifestyle.


Sadly, though, none of my friends is really into sports.

Guess this is another thing... Whenever I mention a good work out or a nice motivational blog, they just look at me like I'm a crazy person. I guess not everyone needs physical effort to stay alive.

I certainly do.

I immediately notice the difference in my body, general well being and attitude towards people if I stop working out regularly.

I bet you do too :-)


Let me know if there are some good ways to stay motivated that work for you.

Stay fit, stay happy



  1. a ja byłam w niedzielę na basenie i chyba kupię karnet :)

    pozdrowienia :)

  2. haha szkoda że mnie tam nie ma bo byśmy sobie pobiegały :) A motywatorem dla mnie najskuteczniejszym jest lustro. Jak tylko spojrzę to wiem że trzeba się brać za siebie! Pomyśl że do lata jeszcze trochę, a na mięśnie brzucha przez tydzień się nie zarobi. Rób sobie zdjęcia, porównuj, zmieniaj techniki... ja póki co się nie poddaję ;)

    1. no szkoda!uwielbiam sport i to uczucie po wysilku
      Ale czasem zycie wchodzi w gre i czasu brak.
      Dzis ide na bodypump znow:D nie ma mocnych hihi

  3. working out.... not my favourite thing to do either


    1. That's not what I meant, I love it but can't get motivated every day